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Logothetis thought

Logothetis thought-provoking account of his epic journey around the world is both entertaining and inspiring. Its a refreshing reminder that we all share two commonalities; the need for human connection and the ability to change the world with kindness. --Brad Jamison, Founder of Good Citizen Leon Logothetis is a man of faith, but not the kind that exists solely in a church or temple. Its a faith in h humanity that will inspire you--on a journey, perhaps, but always to become a better version of yourself. --Catharine Hamm, Travel Editor, Los Angeles Times Leons gift for storytelling shines through in his powerful book, The Kindness Diaries. Its a big, bold adventure with a profound lesson at its heart--kindness matters and it exists all around us. --Anson Williams, Director, Producer, and Author of Singing to a Bulldog Want an instant uplift? Read this wonderfully warm story about a guy who circumnavigated the globe in a motorbike powered by kindness. Your faith in humanity will be renewed! --MJ Ryan, Co-creator of the Random Acts of Kindness series and author of The Happiness Makeover The Kindness Diaries mixes entertainment and insight into a heady blend of help and hope. Ultimately, readers are invited to become more than armchair travelers--they can become kindness ambassadors. --Frances Coles Jones, President of Cole Media Management, National Bestselling Author Leons most inspiring journey, that he shares with us in The Kindness Diaries, teaches us all the value of the human spirit. --Lyss Stern, Founder and CEO, Divalysscious Moms, Bestselling Author, Columnist This book truly captures the purpose and meaning of travel. In this riveting memoir, a reader will capture the reciprocal gifts and life experiences one gains through traveling the globe with an open mind & innocent heart. --Dane Steele Green, President & CEO, Steele Luxury Travel

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